Welcome to the MOON!

Your mission today on the moon is to fill out a KWL chart about the moon.

Together we are going to fill in our class chart according to these statements

"What you think you KNOW"
"What you WANT to know"
"What you LEARNED"

The K-column stands for what we think we know or believe to know about the moon

The W-column stands for what we want to know about the moon

The L-column stands for what we have learned about the moon

1->To start our mission we will watch a video clip about the moon

Phases of the Moon

2->Fill in the K-column

As a class we are going to write on our sticky notes in individual statements what we think we know about the moon, once you have written all you think you know come stick your sticky notes under the K-column in our class chart.

3->Fill in the W-column

Now we have to fill in the W-column of our class chart. Write down on your sticky notes questions that you have about the moon and things that you want to know about the moon. After you are done writing come stick your sticky notes under the W-column in our class chart


Next step is to do some research on the moon but first you will need a partner because everyone knows we don't travel into "cyber"space alone!

The following partners have been assigned:


Once you have gotten with your partner you will explore facts about the moon using the books provided by the school librarian and you will take turns on the class computers where every pair will be given a chance to explore a few different websites I have linked below.

4->Fill in the L-column

As you research the moon through your different sources you will be filling out sticky notes that you can stick in the L-column of our class chart.
When you and your partner are at the computers you will access our class moodle site where there will be a link to this wiki page where you can access the links posted below.

5->Review the class KWL chart and students fill in their own KWL chart worksheets

After everyone has completed their research and answered the questions that were posted in the W-column as a class go over the enitre KWL chart. As you go over the columns have students fill out their own KWL chart on the worksheet that was passed out to them.

Be sure all information is filled in on your worksheets

You will be using this information from the worksheet to complete your homework assignment for the tonight!


For homework tonight you will be asked to go to our class moodle site.
Once you are their click on the link that we clicked on today to get to this wiki page, "wikispaces-the moon".
Directions for homework:
From this page you will click the link below which will bring you to another class website of ours where you have previously answered questions on the blog.
Please answer the question on the blog and if you are having trouble with this assignment please message me through our class moodle site.
Blog Question

Students do not see this bottom part of the wiki page

Lesson: The Moon

Content Standard: Grade 3 Science Content Standards.

Earth Sciences 3.4.b.Students know the way in which the moon's appearance changes during the four week lunar cycle.

Technology Standard:

1.a. Apply existing knowledge to generate new ideas, products, or processes.
3.d. process data and report results.


Students will generate facts about the moon using background knowledge to fill out a KWL chart. Students will also research facts about how the moon's appearnace changes during the lunar cycle through the use of computers and text to gain knowledge and insight about the moon.

Google Spreadsheet:

Google Spreadsheet

Moodle: How can moodle be used to enhance learning?

Moodle can be incoporated into this lesson by being the class website. Teacher and Students can go to the moodle site to axis this wiki page and would be used for other classroom assignments such as homework posts. A link on moodle would be posted and at the beginning of this lesson the teacher would start by pulling up the class moodle site for everyone to see on the projector screen. The teacher would click the link that would say "wikispaces-the moon" which would then bring the teacher and the students to this page where as a class they can follow the directions together and then branch off to work independently in pairs.

Blog: How can a blog be used to enhance learning?

For this lesson the blog is used for student assessment. The students answer a question posted on the class blog website which asks them to write three things they learned about the moon. The teacher can then assess whether students actually repsonded to the question and if their responses were accurate information according to the KWL class chart that they filled in on their own KWL chart worksheets.

Wiki: How can a wiki page be used to enhance learning?

For this lesson the wiki page is used as an instruction tool. As a class the teacher and students follow the instruction posted on the wiki page. Students also as a homework assignment access the wiki page through the class moodle site where they will follow the homework directions posted above. From this wiki pahe students will be asked to follow the link to the class blog page where they will answer the question posted their which will be used for student assessment.